GP&C provides integrated services, that characterize us, consisting of:

  1. Real estate valuation strategy
  2. Feasibility studies
  3. Analysis of complex information and data
  4. Specialized consultancy


through an organization formed by excellent professionals in different sectors.


GP&C is able to provide its customers a “turnkey” service, grouping inside the different skills and expertise involved in a real estate project, that is very complicated considering the number of stakeholders (such as owners, builders, financial operators, buyers, experts, agents), whose competences often overlap and create misunderstandings.


GP&C defines and develops feasibility studies and complex projects for building new real estate complexes and / or enhancing existing entire buildings or units.


GP&C is a competence hub and it is therefore able to offer specialized and tailor-made advisory on financial, technical, legal, economic and legal issues, guaranteeing high levels of quality.


GP&C employs and coordinates a network of top level professionals and it guarantees a wide range of relationships and partners to ensure the best valorization and promotion of customer real estate assets.