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About us




The real estate market is sophisticated and constantly evolving. There are so many actors involved, all of them contributing to the success of an operation.


Interpreting change and evolutionary trends means to focus carefully on a future to be interpreted through in-depth analysis on market scenarios and socio-economic and geo-political development.


We carry out our daily business by leveraging the profound knowledge of the territory and its socio-economic and political relations, as well as the accurate definition of financial instruments, promotion and commercial development.


We are constantly striving to read the demand trends and customer needs in the residential sector with great attention to quality, environment and to the evolution of sociocultural and housing behaviors.


The “living product” is today distinguished for a demand for the highest quality of the environment, contexts and building typologies, conditioned by a return to an historic city. Thus, the prestige of living becomes not only a status symbol, but a taste factor as a living condition.


GP&C does not consider customer as an “object” of its work, but as a partner within a path whose final outcome becomes the real success for the company itself.


In this regard, we want to make the relationship with the customer a unique experience that can be complemented by a professional relationship and a human experience, providing tranquility and serenity. Our goal is to guarantee respect for customers’ needs, expectations and wishes.


GP&C has always been operating according to these guidelines, managing a number of prestigious operations aimed at increasing the value of real estate properties in the residential, hotel and commercial sectors (offices, shops, businesses).

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GPC was born from the overall path of its founder and CEO, Giorgio Pozzi


GP&C Foundation


GP&C represents the vision of its President, a company that not only sells “bricks”, but it is also capable of developing real estate strategies, providing services, consulting, expertise and ability to analyze complex issues.


GP&C has gained over 30 years of experience, developing many residential, office and hotel projects, that are largely detailed on the site.


ALA IMMOBILIARE Foundation, in Milan, as a “pure” real estate agency; but soon, consistent with the development of the sector, changes its corporate mission in promotion activities and real estate strategy.


Strategically, the structure remains tied to the economic and financial dynamism in Milan.


In a few years, the company, on the basis of many successful experiences, grows to develop ever-wider projects. Growth did not occur according to traditional models, but it has been structured to provide highly skilled expertise in every area of service.


All this means that that company is no longer qualified as a simple sales consultant, but as a “process” operator that requires complex project operations; design, feasibility studies, management and value added services.